RoomTune School Acoustics
The RoomTune Acoustical Solution
Solvingl problems with acoustics found in practice and band rooms,
performance halls, churches, classrooms, conference centers and
meeting rooms.
Site Contents: Acoustics, common acoustical problems, typical solutions, RoomTune solution
Graphs, charts, articles, acoustical products catalog
Home and Studio Catalog
The Family of Michael Green Audio's Home audio and Studio Products
Custom designing with choices of fabric, wood and metals.
Room design and accoustical placement diagrams.
Site Contents: MGD Loud Speakers, Pressure Zone Controllers, Sound Shutters,Room Tune, PZC's, Wall Tunes, Lifestyle Acoustics S.A.M., Deluxe Clamp Racks, Floor Standers, Performance Racks, Custom Design Racks, Tuning Boards & Platforms, acoustical room treatments
MTD'S, Harmonic Feet, Bare Essence Cables ENTER THE HOME & STUDIO CATALOG
TheTune site under development (SNEAK PREVIEW)
The Method of Tuning
Understanding the laws of variable tunability and how they affect the music world. Discussions of the "Trilogy of Audio" explaining mechanical, electrical and acoustical energies.
Site Contents: Articles, acoustics, acoustical products, credits, clients, acoustical
design, issues of The Tune Magazine.
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