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Michael Green, born 8-1-59, developed an artistic sense early on. By the age of 13, he was playing music in blue grass bands, his inspiration being his cousin Doc Watson. At the age of 17, Michael began touring and recording gospel music. Between music, modeling and TV production, Michael was becoming well versed in many aspects of the entertainment industry. In the midst of all this activity at such an early age, Michael also managed to complete his education in graphic design.

While being involved in two TV show live productions in the early 80's, Michael began to expand his interest in the world of high end audio. As owner of several audio salons, Michael's reputation built to the point of achieving international recognition and he became one of the high end audio authorities. But, that wasn't enough, Michael was finding many weaknesses in the audio chain and started to develop his own method of production and listening. He based his beliefs on natural physics and practicality. This is when he started the company RoomTune which became an overnight success. At last, Michael had found his true calling as an inventor and a designer.

Michael based all his designs and concepts on one basic truth. Energy is alive, ever changing and is everywhere. This led him to one conclusion. Everything by nature is tunable. Michael's designs have now gone from controversial to a high level of acceptance to the point where his design philosophy is now considered revolutionary. As Michael pursues the newly accepted documentation of tunability and is actively taking tunability to many new levels, the simplicity of music and the uniqueness of every musical instrument, and electronic equipment of any kind, continue to be his passion.

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